Some News and Events

Natural History Museum Nature Live talks

In the last 12 months I have presented some research at the Natural History Museum Nature live series, held each afternoon in the Attenborough Studio inside the museum. Two of the projects in this website (Mass Extinctions; and Fossil Reefs) are two of the subjects of the Nature Live series, so do take a look at those two projects, from the "Information for Everybody" link on the home page. My presentations at the Natural History Museum are not openly available online, but you can see the range of ideas presented in the Nature Live series HERE.

International research on mass extinctions

I am involved in an international project on microbialites after the end-Permian mass extinction event; this event killed about 90% of all marine species, and was succeeded by a microbial world of very strange-looking fossils. The project is one of the International Geoscience Correlation projects and has its own website HERE.

Research on fossil reefs in the UK

Recently I have started a new project on fossil reefs in the UK, with focus on some major fossil organisms which played a large role in the growth of those reefs. These are calcified sponges (sponges with a stony skeleton, similar to corals) of a type called stromatoporoids. Stromatoporoids are a subject of one project on this website, in the Geoscience Researchers section. There is also a new International Geoscience Correlation project focussing on the global environmental changes in a part of the geological record when these fossils were abundant, and my work is related to this project; you can see it HERE

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