Congratulations, you have found one of the tiny links that bring you to the Dark Zone. Actually it is not dark, I just gave that title to entice you in. This section of the website is for all sorts of bits and pieces you might like to browse through. However, first you need to understand the meaning of self-aweird; it goes like this. In the world there are two types of people: NORMAL and WEIRD. Normal people are, well, normal; weird people are weird. Generally normal people can identify other normal people and also identify weird people. Weird people, however, cannot identify either normal people or even other weird people. Nevertheless, there is a sub-category of weird people who have just enough normality that they can recognise that they are weird, and therefore are called SELF-AWEIRD (it is a contraction of SELF-AWARE and WEIRD). Self-aweird is a term I invented some years ago, when I realised that I am self-aweird.

I felt a warm glow of comfort and peace once I had diagnosed myself as self-aweird. Self-aweird people can recognise both normal and weird people; they are even able to disguise themselves as normal, and therefore fit in with the world around them (sort of). Thus if you have never knowingly met any self-aweird people, you may actually have done so without realising it. Self-aweird people have a special place in society; they sometimes become university lecturers and have the ability to actually listen to what other people say, make sensible judgements and take appropriate actions. This section of the website contains lots of self-aweird things; they are intended for general enjoyment, but some of them involve some deep thinking (that is the NORMAL part of me). You might be able to determine for yourself whether YOU are self-aweird or not (sit down, it could be a shock).

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