On this page is a miscellaneous collection of things that will hopefully make you laugh. Some of these are designed to help you diagnose yourself as being self-aweird or not (but you will have to work out for yourself which are the key photos).

A message for intelligent cattle near Lulworth Cove, Dorset (picture taken in 1981).

This is in the foyer of my favourite hotel: the Fairhaven Hotel in Weymouth, Dorset, south England. You will just have to go there to find out what on earth it means!

The Grim Reaper is waiting, but as you can see, happily, he is rather tied up at the moment.

I have eaten here, mmmmmmmm (really).

This is a section of the DNA footpath next to the railway on the line between London and Kings Lynn. The four colours represent the four amino acids that construct the DNA strands, but as you can see some are damaged, a little worrying, with all this stuff we hear about damage to DNA. Also you can see that my socks have the same colours (approximately) but there are two extra colours; what can this mean?

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