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The links below direct you to specific research projects about Earth surface environments and processes of my research. You are welcome to contact me if you have any questions, at:

PROJECT 1: Atlas of Microbialites After the End-Permian Mass Extinction

Click here to enter the Atlas of Microbialites after the end-Permian Mass Extinction

PROJECT 2: Substrates in Palaeozoic Calcified Sponges and Colonial Corals

Click here to read a study of substrates in Palaeozoic calcified sponges and colonial corals

PROJECT 3: Original Mineralogy of Stromatoporoids: an impossible dream?

Click here to read an assessment of mineralogy in Palaeozoic stromatoporoids

PROJECT 4: The first spicules in a Palaeozoic stromatoporoid: an amazing discovery

Click here to see some images and description from a published paper in the international journal Lethaia
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